Why is it always better to work in an office than at home?

Operating out of home can be a big plus for many small business owners. By significantly lowering your overhead expenses, you can improve your profit margins and may also reduce your risks if the business isn’t doing well. But why doesn’t every small business owner stay home?¬†After all, this is the age of hyper-connectivity, always-on devices, and high bandwidth connections.


Because it doesn’t help in the long run. If you are serious about doing your business, you need to get out of the comfort zone of your home. But leasing an office space may not be affordable for many early-stage entrepreneurs. That is where co-working spaces fill in by providing a great platform for early stage and growth phase entrepreneurs to come and work on their businesses in a startup-friendly environment.


Advantages you get when you work out of a co-working space:
  • You need to be serious about executing your startup idea. After all, that is why you started working on it, right? And that seriousness comes only when you get out of your home and work from an office space.
  • You will find the best possible resources for execution if you are a part of a startup-friendly co-working space.
  • Exchange of quality information and knowledge: You do not need to search out for every small information. It may be available at the guy sitting next to you.
  • You can get your idea reviewed by quality people around.
  • Scaling a business needs more people. And more people needs a better place than your bedroom or car garage to work from. And co-working spaces fill in to help you here at affordable prices.
  • Boost your business: Who knows, the company working next to you at the co-working space could be your client or may connect you to one!
  • Free from distractions: Working from home has lot of distractions such as unnecessary phone calls, personal obligations, family issues, television, refrigerator etc. A lot of your valuable time gets wasted because of these things and you can save all that time by working at a comfortable work space with good ambience. This will also improve your efficiency.
  • Suppose you are a freelancer, working out of a co-working space will give you better exposure, more business, structured work schedule and more.
  • Even if you are just an aspiring entrepreneur and just want to come and mingle with startup people, co-working spaces are a great platform for you.
  • If you are meeting a client, telling him “lets meet at our office” gives a much professional appeal than asking “there is a coffee shop near my home. Can we meet there?”
  • When you join a co-working space, you will also get access to various events and meetups that the space will be hosting over the weekends from which you can gain invaluable knowledge and resources.
  • Last but not the least, you now officially have a clear distinction between your professional life and person life.


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